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 This project was started years ago. We do not have any representation of our services on social web sites yet. To all our existing or future and valued customers: Please do not match us with any artemc, if you will find one. Even so the name could be slightly different and similar.
 If you will see any misrepresentation or harmful website, please contact us immediately at Contact page or via email. Also If you will see on our web site, any content, which you will think will be inappropriate, or nonworking links, please contact us. Sincerely, web admin and hosting dep.

About :  This web site was started as help to local businesses in an advertisement.
    The first step in promoting your business: you have to be the registered user. Registration is free. To register, please click "New" from the top menu; or "New User" from the Login Page. Then fill out all the forms. All other work will be done by us. For any questions or comments: visit Contact page.

Fee Schedule :  There are no fees for use or register with the web site. However, in the future, to better protect our customers from unauthorised users or spammers or fraudelent activities, some fees will be applied. It will be based on the services provided to the customers. For future fees please see future schedule. Also if you will get some services for free, we will continue to provide these services free of charge for that customers, for a certain period of time. Even if this service will have fee.

Registration is free. To register, please click "New" from a main menu or click "New User" from the login page.
What information will we collect during the registration: Only information, necessary to better serve our customers, i.e. you.
Some fields are required, other fields could be optional.  If any required field will be missing, you will be prompt to enter the correct field.

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