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Terms and condition (Terms of use).
  1. This website allowed registered users to post their information and make it visible to the public.
  2. Because this information can be visible to all different type of users on the internet, some restrictions are applied
  3. You can not post information, which will be not lawful in the country of origin of the person, created the post and / in the countries, where our company registered, at that time United States. Also this information should obey the law of the country, which it target, for example, if you will create the post in business directory and make it for Country 'X', i.e. your business operates in Country 'X', you can not provide any information or post the business, if the business, part of the business, operated in Country 'X' has some aspects, not lawful in Country 'X'
  4. Administrator, or moderator of that website Has the right to remove such post or information from the post. In some cases, or most cases, when the information is in violation of the Rules and Regulations, Terms of Use, of that website, no refunds for the posted items or services. Some of the topics, not allowed on the web site: weapon, hate materials, adult or drug materials or businesses, associated with this. You can provide information about medical facilities, as long as that business: officially registered business in the country you provide information for, and no restrictions have been applied for that business or any part of it in that particular country or in the country of our company registration.
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